Spinal Orthotics

A spinal orthotic provides support and stability for your back, to relieve strain.

Why would you need a spinal orthotic?

  • healing spinal fractures
  • correcting postural problems (like scoliosis, or lateral curvature of the spine; kyphosis, or hunch back) 
  • helping you recover after surgery
  • in cases of osteoporosis, osteoarthirits, spondylosis, Scheurman's disease.

What do we do?

  • Orthopro has extensive experience in spinal conditions requiring Orthotic intervention 
  • we treat both adults and children.
  • we have full casting facilities for bespoke spinal jackets at all our clinics.The spinal braces are made inhouse by our orthotists and experienced technicians, so we can offer quick delivery and reliable results.
  • Orthopro also provide a whole range of off the shelf back/lumbar supports and corsets to aid your back rehabilitation management.
  • We assess each individual to provide the most appropriate brace.
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