Pathways For Funding
There are 3 pathways to fund your orthotic and prosthetic treatment:

Public Health Funding

You may be eligible for assistance or funding through your local District Health Board (DHB).

  • Visit your GP or Specialist
    Discuss it with your GP or specialist.
  • Submit a referral
    Your GP or specialist will need to submit a referral with a clinical rationale for your orthotic needs for consideration, as per public health service specifications.
  • Book an appointment
    If the funding is approved, Orthopro will contact you to book an appointment.


If your condition is directly linked to an injury, your orthotic or prosthetic treatment may be funded by the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC).

  • Visit your GP, Specialist or Health Provider
    Discuss your condition and if appropriate obtain a prescription or referral.
  • Book an appointment
    Contact us to book an appointment.

You will need an ACC claim number. In some cases, prior approval is required before proceeding with treatment.


You can contact us and book an appointment for yourself, however, we recommended that you visit your GP or specialist for advice.

  • Self-Funding
  • PVT insurance
    If you have an insurance company, they may assist with the treatment
    cost. Orthopro does not deal directly with your insurer.
  • Work and Income
    You may be eligible for assistance through Work and Income New Zealand.