Compression Garment Therapy

Orthopro provides compression garments for the treatment of lymphatic, venous, scar, and burns therapy as well as post-surgical support. We provide a variety of off-the-shelf and custom-made garments and regular follow-ups, re-evaluations and adjustments as your condition responds to the therapy. Compression garments are available in a variety of fabrics and colours to satisfy your practical and aesthetic needs. A doctors referral is required for an appointment.

Round Knitted Compression Stockings

These compression stockings are used as an essential therapeutic agent in phlebology and are prescribed by a vascular specialist. They relieve the venous system and equalise the venous pressure in the leg by exerting a precisely measured counter pressure on the connective tissue. Circular-knitted stockings have no seam and are particularly suitable for preventing and treating moderate to severe venous diseases and after thrombosis (post-thrombotic syndrome). They can also be used to treat the varicose veins caused by weak veins.

We take precise measurements and determine the respective size and compression class of the support stockings. Our specialist staff will also give you detailed advice on the various qualities and designs.

Flat Knitted Compression Stockings

We recommend flat-knitted compression stockings for compression therapy for fat distribution disorders (lipoedema) and lymphedema. 

If you suffer from lymph or lipoedema, please do not hesitate to contact us. If you already have a prescription or if you have problems with the existing supply, we would be happy to advise you in one of our clinics.

Compression Wraps

These garments utilise elastic short stretch bands that overlap to provide compression therapy. These are particularly useful where there are fluctuations in your measures or during initial reduction therapy as they are adjustable. They can also be beneficial for clients who experience difficulty in donning and doffing standard compression garments.

Pneumatic Compression Therapy

Orthopro has a pneumatic compression therapy system that can be used as a complementary treatment in conjunction with compression garment therapy.

Scar Compression Therapy

After burns or scalds, with specially adapted compression clothing and compression bandages, even large scars heal flat and elastic as soon as possible and no excessive (hypertrophic) scar tissue forms. It is important that the clothing is worn appropriately and permanently. Especially with growing children, it is important that compression clothing is regularly checked for its fit and replaced if necessary. Since the clothing should be worn all day and cleaned every day, you need a second set to change if possible.

Compression Garment Therapy Stockings
Image courtesy of Toomac Solutions.