Custom Orthotic Insoles

Are you having trouble with your feet, ankles, knees, hip or even back? Are you experiencing pain walking, standing or working? Do you have callousing, ulcers caused by diabetes or biomechanical abnormalities that can cause pronation, supination, plantar fasciitis, hammertoe, claw toe, Morton’s neuroma, heel spurs and other countless conditions that can affect your life and daily living?

Orthotic insoles assist in foot correction, support and cushioning resulting in the relief of these conditions.

Every supply of orthopaedic insoles begins with a detailed assessment and measurement of your feet by our orthotist. Orthotic insoles come in different versions and material compositions.

Depending on the therapeutic goal the appropriate materials are chosen to resolve your condition. The selected insole is matched optimally to your footwear so that both form a unit. You can wear our perfectly fitting insoles in normal everyday shoes or sports shoes that are suitable for insoles.

  1. Detailed discussion and analysis,
  2. Clinical examination, gait analysis and representation of the pressure load using digital scan or foam impressions,
  3. Selection and CAD-supported individual production of the insoles by our specially trained team of Orthotists, and
  4. Exact fitting of the insole into your footwear.