Lower Limb Prosthetics

In our workshops, experienced prosthetists produce individual solutions that can be used to replace non-existent, lost or malformed body parts. These are arm prostheses or leg prostheses, so-called exoprostheses, placed on the outside of the body.

During fabrication and fitting, we incorporate the latest findings and innovative techniques. Our prostheses meet the highest demands – in terms of aesthetics, material and workmanship as well as comfort, fit and functionality.

Our Daily Prosthesis

The gait of every person is different, as well as every artificial limb and socket we fabricate.

At Orthopro we use state-of-the-art knee and foot systems, considering the personal requirements and demands of the prosthetic wearer. Our sophisticated socket technology creates the basis for the use of high-quality prosthetic components. Together with our clients, our specialists work to achieve the goal: the best possible gait, freedom of movement with the greatest possible comfort. So that you can continue your way.

We have fitting experience with Hip and Knee Disarticulations, Transfemoral and Transtibial amputations, Rotationplasty, Symes, and Forefoot amputations.

Electronic Prostheses and Components

The further development and use of electronically and innovative bionic prostheses are increasing rapidly. There are many electronic components in prosthetics. They can give prosthetic wearers very dynamic fine-tuning of their motor skills or more safety when standing and walking: for example, in knee joints or in prosthetic feet. The sophistication of the electronics used in each individual case depends on the needs of the client and will be assessed by our experienced prosthetists.

Sports Prostheses and Running Blades

With specially made sports prostheses and running and sprinting blades, athletes and competitive athletes can achieve top performance today. But also, the recreational athlete and children can benefit from sports prostheses, which enable you or your child to participate in sports events and clubs.

Using innovative materials and complex bionic controls, the functionality of some models even exceeds the natural model. At Orthopro, these types of prostheses are individually tailored to the type of sport required so that dynamics and forces can be optimised.

Waterproof Prostheses

Water-resistant bathing prostheses, walking aids, or wet legs are reliable and easy to care for. The aspect of reliable safety and stability, even on slippery surfaces, is particularly important to our clients.

Wet legs offer an uncomplicated way to move safely in wet areas – under the shower at home as well as during swimming in the public pool. There are different designs: from the visible tubular frame system to the optically inconspicuous natural appearance. Even saltwater cannot harm the components. Just remember to rinse your prosthetic leg with fresh water after having contact with sand, chlorine, or saltwater.

Currently, only ACC is funding a second prosthesis exclusively for bathing/swimming or recreational activities.


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High Quality Standards

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Educated & Experienced Team

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Modern Business Solutions

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Inspection & Accreditation

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